The City Fox is a Yorkshire based literary e-zine, specializing in the publication of poetry, prose and artwork in various forms. Issues will be available in .PDF and ‘Click to Read’ format, with a view to move into print, sometime in the future. Each issue is loosely based on a trigger word – Bones, Ashes, etc. – intended to prompt and inspire readers and writers alike. We also solicit interviews, reviews and features with local writers and publishers to bring our readers the very best literary news, as well as advice on accessing writing and publishing.

Founded by York St John Creative Writing graduates Kathy Halliday, Vicki Bartram and Evie Johnson in April of this year, The City Fox is a space to explore and celebrate creative works pertaining to the dark and uncanny in flora and fauna. Following the launch of Issue #1 Bones and its subsequent success, Christy Hall, a graduate of the University of Hull’s Poetry and Prose Fiction MA, was invited to join the team as the new Co-Editor in Poetry to keep up with the e-zine’s growth. Since then, and despite various setbacks, The City Fox has continued to develop into a platform for both readers and writers to enjoy new creative writing – for free.

We have a fascination for the uncanny and supernatural, but will consider anything unusual pertaining to flora and fauna. We like how different habitats and landscapes create different responses from their inhabitants, and what that represents to writers. We are particularly fond of foxes. We find animals, in all forms, captivating, and want to read pieces that disturb and unsettle us. Turn a word into an image that resonates and we’ll love you even more. Make us think about the world around us…

Find out more about our fabulous Editorial Team, and meet the muse behind The City Fox.
For all criticisms/reviews/interviews on The City Fox, click here.

The City Fox Issue #2 Ashes is currently under construction, and will be released in due course.

All illustrations featured on The City Fox, unless otherwise stated, are the property of illustrator Nicola Spencer of Alice Blue Designs ©


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