Now available to Download: Issue #2 – Ashes!

The City Fox are (finally!) proud to announce the arrival of our second issue – Ashes!

Inside, you will find beautiful illustrations by Nicola Spencer and our featured artist Laura Bennett, as well as Ashes inspired poetry and prose from Rab FergusonAmy ChristmasErin DoddDebra CazaletKierstin BridgerSusan ElliotFran Slater Siobhan Waters. To download a copy in .PDF format, click here & here for ‘Click to Read’.

Despite various complications and setbacks, we have had a lot of fun bringing Ashes together. It is by far our most ambitious and creative issue, and we hope that you will find it was well worth the wait. Each piece is individually illustrated by Nicola, with complimenting watercolours by Laura (more details can be found on the main site).

We would like to thank all our contributors for their patience and for taking the time to really consider the Ashes theme for this issue. We will re-open to submissions for our third issue, currently untitled, within the next few weeks.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on Ashes and what you’d like to see in future issues of The City Fox.
Please feel free to comment below!

Until next time, stay bright-eyed and bushy tailed!

Kathy, Vicki, Evie & Christy
(The Editorial Team)


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