Call for Contributors!

We hope you’re all enjoying our first feature article on Little Fiction’s Troy Palmer and, of course, our first issue of creative works Bones.

We want to bring our readers the very best in local and regional literary news, as well as book and event reviews on a regular basis. However, between the three of us, researching and writing up articles can take a substantial amount of time.

To help keep us up to date, we are looking for up to 5 regular contributors to join our team. This will involve working quickly but proficiently towards tight deadlines, to produce several features/articles/reviews on a weekly basis. We are looking for those like-minded individuals who are creative and able to produce interesting material for our site. As 1 of 5 potential contributors, this role will be hugely flexible and ideal for anyone looking to gain more experience of digital publishing. Contributors will not only write articles as specified by the editorial team, but will make suggestions on what they would like to write for the site pending approval by the team.

From now until MIDNIGHT July 31st, we will be accepting samples of writing of up to 500 words on any literary topic in any form for consideration. A brief CV detailing writing experience, publications, relevant qualifications etc. would be beneficial.

We will be reading through submissions throughout July and will announce our new contributors early August.

Please share this opportunity with friends, and send all submissions to: in Word Doc files.


4 thoughts on “Call for Contributors!

  1. Hi there – I don’t think I have quite the right experience to be a regular contributor (yet) but wonder if you would be interested in accepting articles on a less regular basis – maybe some reviews, or even short stories? Please let me know if it might be of interest to you now – or if not, maybe in the future?

    Best wishes
    Teri Aldous –

    • Hi Teri,

      We would most certainly consider this regardless of your experience, as we would like to be able to provide you with experience by writing for us, if we can. The beauty of writing for The City Fox is that the role is designed to be highly flexible, so please do apply for a position if you feel this is something you would like to do.
      We would consider short stories for our online publication, but are currently still closed to submissions for the time being.
      Reviews are more than fine. Please send a sample of writing and any other relevant info. to us via email at

      Kind regards,
      Kathy Halliday
      (Founder & Prose Editor)

  2. Hi Kathy

    I am very interested in applying for this position, but my experience is limited. I hope that’s ok!

    Thanks, Abi

    • Hi Abi,

      We welcome any application regardless. We hope to provide people with insight and experience of writing for this type of publication, so if this is something you may be interested in please do send along an application.

      Kind regards,
      Kathy Halliday
      (Founding Editor)

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